Invest North East England

Two of our digital team delivered social media training for 12 people from the Invest North East England team and the seven local authority partners.

This involved a bespoke day-long session designed to enable the inward investment teams to leverage social media and use it effectively to support objectives and work in attracting businesses to the region.

The session covered Twitter and LinkedIn specifically and explored the basics of using these channels effectively, refining messaging, building their communities and networks and the development of a strategy, delivery plan and evaluation framework.

“The day was extremely informative and well received by the attendees who were at various levels of social media savviness. The trainers were both very engaging, enthusiastic and clearly knowledgeable and really helped plot a course through those key elements of social media that are important to us to help attract inward investment into the North East.”

Guy Currey, Director, Invest North East England

National Trust

NGI Solutions worked with National Trust North to deliver PR and communications training for 30 members of staff from sites across the North East and North West.

The one-day training workshops delivered at Holy Jesus Hospital (Newcastle upon Tyne) and Quarry Bank (Cheshire) focused on identifying news stories, communicating news to media and using social media to promote news stories online.

A section on blogging generated some fantastic discussion around working with non-traditional media and the benefits that come from engaging with online influencers.

Practical sessions gave attendees the chance to research and write a news release, practise preparing for and delivering a broadcast interview, and create a communications plan for a news story at their venue.

“We asked NGI Solutions to plan and deliver PR training for National Trust staff responsible for local marketing and communications activity within the North of England. The aim was to build confidences when it comes to identifying news, writing and pitching to the media and bloggers, giving interviews and planning PR content into their wider marketing mix. Working alongside NGI Solutions to deliver this bespoke training really enabled us to bring internal clients up to speed with the fast paced and changing world of media and PR from an external and internal perspective.”

Sadie Parker, PR and Communications Consultant, National Trust North 

Sleeperz Hotels

Sleeperz Hotels operates with a very lean but committed team, all wanting to raise the profile and the standards of the hotels but not necessarily holding the expertise, or having capacity, to maximise social media opportunities.

Given the small team and the likelihood of the business expanding to other UK hotspots, Sleeperz needed training on how to most effectively and efficiently use social media without having a dedicated person in-house, with guidance on scheduling and maintaining a consistent voice and brand identity across the regional hotels.

Sales managers from all locations visited Newcastle for a full-day of immersive social media training. This included deep dives into the platforms the chain was already using as well as recommendations on others that would benefit the business – namely Instagram.

Our trainers, Hannah Lambert and Jodie Balmer also covered best practice, advertising techniques, strategies and engaging content examples. Being a practical workshop, specific tasks were set including persona activities, investigating audience insights, creating content, and implementing a chat feature on Facebook messenger. Toward the end of the training, the team also felt confident in setting up an Instagram channel and purchasing a scheduling and reporting tool.

On the recommendation of our trainers and equipped from the training to do so, Sleeperz was able to create a content plan which could be adopted by each hotel to ensure a coherent output across their social media channels, reduce time spent finding ad hoc content and maximise the limited time staff had available.

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