How can social media listening increase customer advocacy?

28 November 2019 0

Join us as we look at the ways which you can increase customer advocacy on social media, discover new advocates through social media listening, and share three examples from brands who are showing us how social media advocacy is done.

Every good marketer knows that it’s easier (and cheaper) to retain a customer than it is to attract a new one, so naturally customer advocacy should play an integral part of every marketing strategy.

With recommendations on social media holding huge influence over a business’ reputation and acting as the ultimate in word of mouth marketing, being customer centric online has never been more important.

Customer centricity isn’t just about celebrating the positive customer experiences however, it’s also about spotting any negative conversations and dealing with them promptly, professionally, and if you can, counteracting a bad experience with something much better. Join us as we look at the ways which you can encourage customer advocacy on social media, discover new advocates through social media listening, and share three example from brands who are showing us how social media advocacy is done.

How do you encourage customer advocacy on social media?

Chances are you’ll already have some advocates on your social media channels; you’ll find them commenting on your posts, sharing user generated content about your business and leaving positive reviews about your offering – these are your natural brand advocates. Spend time nurturing these relationships on a regular basis, reward them, repost their content and keep delivering positive brand experiences so that the affinity with your business continues. This is the most enjoyable customer advocacy tactic for businesses to undertake, but it won’t necessarily grow your advocacy network.

You may be wondering what will help with the growth of your social media advocates? Well, here are three ways to encourage and create more advocates on social media –

If you’re undertaking the above then you’re ready for the next level of customer advocacy. The greatest challenge, but also the greatest opportunity comes when trying to win over a customer who has had a disappointing experience from your brand, and this is where undertaking social media listening comes in.

Why is social media listening important?

With so many notifications flying around on a whole host of social networks, it can often be challenging to keep up with all the conversation and sentiment about your brand. Many of the social listening tools available will monitor social media channels for mentions of your brand, competitors, and any other keywords relevant to your business. Social media listening tools will make you aware of positive and negative sentiment/ conversations, allowing you to respond to the good, the bad and the ugly in real time, before a situation could easily escalate.

Unfortunately, poor customer experiences are more likely to be shared on social media than good ones. Not only is it vital to respond, but finding a resolution to their problem should be tackled head on too. In order to understand how to do this effectively, we’ve put together three of our favourite brand examples below.

Three inspiring examples from brands doing social listening right


When a Tweet by a student went viral explaining she’d received insults from a Tinder match about her ASOS dress, the online fashion company was keen to offset the negative experience their customer had experienced as a result of wearing their product. They contacted the customer who had been told ‘she looked awful’ and that the dress ‘didn’t do her any favours’, asking her if she wanted to be featured on the website as the e-commerce image for the product. Not only did this provide the confidence boost the customer needed, but it made her feel hugely valued as one of their customers.


Imagine you’re Kelloggs. A loyal customer has found a Chewit wrapper in their Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. The customer takes to Twitter to share the rather surprising discovery. What do you do? Create one of the best social media customer care case studies of all time, that’s what. Having picked up on the customer’s Tweets, Kelloggs arranged for no other than Tony the Tiger to turn up on her doorstep for tea to apologise in person. Not only do you have a happy customer for life, but social content to delight thousands more.

Fat Face

If you’ve recently been on the hunt for a cosy jumper to keep you warm on these colder days, you might be familiar with Fat Face’s fairisle jumper which certainly turned a few heads. Having created a somewhat viral conversation on Mumsnet and social media, what became known as the ‘booby bunting’ jumper left a few owners of the jumper feeling rather embarrassed. Fat Face quickly responded to the social conversation. Fully embracing it, they made the decision to donate 10% of the sales to CoppaFeel, a breast cancer awareness charity.

If you’re interested in receiving social media training on how to successfully monitor and manage social media conversations in a positive manner then NGI Solutions is here to help. Our talented marketing experts can offer bespoke social media and PR training, showing you how to incorporate social listening into your organisation’s marketing strategy. If the worse should happen, they can also ensure that you’re prepared with how to deal with a social media crisis situation. Contact us today to find out more about what NGI Solutions can offer.

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