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In today's switched on world where thousands of Tweets are being sent per second, how do you make your brand stand out?

Social media can be a minefield. It’s fast moving and ever evolving so keeping up can be hard. Even if social media is part of your job description, you may not necessarily understand its potential, prioritise it, or know all of the tips, tricks, and tools available to support your workload – that’s where we can help.

Our social media training packages are tailored to your requirements, but in a snapshot can include the following:

Our team live and breathe social media and can show you and your team how to really amplify your marketing messages using the tech available.

Whether you have been using social media for work for over a decade or have just started, our friendly trainers will draw out your natural skills and develop them further, giving you confidence to grow your social media presence and in turn, increase business opportunities.

#NSISocial Packages

Warmup – £1000 plus VAT

Our Warmup package is suited to those with limited knowledge of social media, totally jargon free, and completely accessible for those who don’t work in the world of marketing and comms . The half-day workshop explores the platforms that are most relevant to your brand and how they can be effectively used to market your products/services.

Practical exercises include; persona creation, audience insights, and content creation.

Up to 6 people.

Headliner – £2000 plus VAT

Suited to marketers who have an understanding of social media and use it for brands or in-house but haven’t been schooled on the subject and need a deeper understanding. This fullday session includes a deep dive into relevant platforms for your brand/clients, competitor analysis, getting the most from audience insights, social listening, strategies to produce and analyse content, as well as scheduling and tools to help with time-management.

We will also show you how to start an advertising campaign.

Up to 6 people.

Encore – £3500 plus VAT

The MacDaddy of our packages is suited to those who need a crash course in social media but are limited by time. Set over two days, this course involves all points listed above as well as effective advertising techniques. This course isn’t suited to beginners but rather those who are already actively promoting brands on social media but don’t understand how to advertise.

There are also more practical activities than the other two to allow creativity to shine and build more confidence among attendees.

Up to 8 people.

Packages can be tailored to what your unique requirements are and if you want a more bespoke package, this can be created with a price provided on request.

For further information please contact: Lisa Kelly

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