Hadrian’s Wall

We were approached by the Hadrian’s Wall Marketing Group to help them with driving traffic to the website, with the objective of encouraging more visitors to explore the vast World Heritage Site.

For the digital marketing campaign, which ran over five months, we decided a strategy that combined SEO, PPC, social media advertising, and other digital advertising would best achieve this objective.

We ran a number of campaigns that targeted potential visitors in a number of locations with different interests such as walking, cycling and heritage.

The results were impressive – its website saw a 25% increase in traffic during the campaign period when compared with the previous year.

“As well as being experts in all aspects of digital marketing, the team at NGI Solutions are a great bunch to work with. They worked closely with us throughout the campaign, were always approachable and really became part of the team. Being experts in their field, they were able to advise us on what platforms to use and how to spend our limited budget to achieve the greatest success. It helped that they were able to discuss their work using language we understood so we weren’t bewildered by technical jargon.

“We were thrilled with the success NGI solutions help us achieve from our digital campaigns and look forward to a continued relationship from them in the future.”

James Fell, Chairperson, Hadrian’s Wall Marketing Group

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