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Meet the Team: Lucy Nichol

16 January 2020 in Marketing2

Our account director Lucy Nichol on all things PR and communications - with a bit of Dracula and Sarah Millican thrown in.

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How important is Christmas to the high street?

9 January 2020 in Events0

We’ve all seen the doom and gloom headlines about the demise of the high street and the increasing need for retail outlets to evolve against the challenges of online shopping. While there’s no doubt these challenges exist, Christmas shopping time is traditionally a rare highlight for retailers.

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Meet the team: Ian Thomas

11 December 2019 in NGI Solutions News0

Our Associate Director, Ian Thomas, on all things research and marketing.

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How can social media listening increase customer advocacy?

28 November 2019 in Marketing0

Join us as we look at the ways which you can increase customer advocacy on social media, discover new advocates through social media listening, and share three examples from brands who are showing us how social media advocacy is done.

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Industry experts bolster NGI Solutions

20 November 2019 in NGI Solutions News0

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve strengthened our board with the appointment of two experienced industry figures as Non-Executive Directors.

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How to design evaluation into your Christmas campaign

4 November 2019 in Marketing0

Every Christmas, John Lewis tugs at the heart strings and gets the general public talking, but with so many other retailers jumping on the festive bandwagon, how can you cut through the noise?

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Addiction stigma rife as 1 in 3 people believe addicts ‘brought it on themselves’

9 October 2019 in Marketing0

As World Mental Health Day 2019 takes place, a new survey has revealed the extent of addiction stigma in 2019 – the year that saw record numbers of drugs deaths across the UK¹. The research, carried out by NGI Solutions, in partnership with QuMind.co.uk, found that public opinion varied greatly depending on the type of […]

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How to stand out in the crowded tourism industry

27 September 2019 in Research0

Today marks World Tourism Day. Having worked closely with tourism clients and being part of an organisation operating within the industry, we know all about the importance of tourism.

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How do you know if your event has been a success?

25 September 2019 in Research1

Whether you’re basing success on the economic or social impact, the jobs created, the gross value added or the return on investment, we use our Event Impact Model to provide invaluable evidence on the impact of any event.

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Does my business need PR? A back to basics guide.

16 September 2019 in PR0

You may have just founded a company, celebrated your fifth anniversary or been around for generations but you might be asking the same question – does my business need PR? We’ve put together a quick guide explaining what PR is and how it can benefit your business.

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CIPR Event: Mental health, media and mindfulness

22 July 2019 in Events0

We're delighted to be hosting this special CIPR North East event on mental health, media representations and self care in the workplace on Tuesday 17th September from 08:30am - 10:30 am.

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Should we use emojis in corporate communication and marketing?

17 July 2019 in Marketing0

Should marketers and business professionals be using emojis in corporate communications and marketing campaigns? Let’s look at some of the dos and don’ts of using emojis.

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How to research your competitors’ Facebook and Instagram ads

8 July 2019 in Social Media0

When it comes to the making your mark in the world of paid social, it’s all about keeping your friends close, and your competitors closer. Discover how to research your competitors’ Facebook and Instagram ads.

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We’re celebrating our 5th anniversary with new skills and a digital revamp

26 June 2019 in NGI Solutions News0

Going into our 5th anniversary we've strengthened our skills with a trio of talented new recruits.

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How should PR and SEO work together?

11 June 2019 in Marketing1

Join us as we paint a picture of just how significant traditional PR practices are for your SEO strategy. And discuss how PR and SEO agencies should be working together, not in silos.

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22 May 2019 in Events0

NGI Solutions made a strategic decision to start blowing our own trumpet a little more in 2019 – we have been steadily growing the business over the past five years, however, as a lot of marketing agencies, we weren’t always practicing what we preach!

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5 ways to reduce your stress

14 May 2019 in Lifestyle0

The definition of stress reads: “A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.” I don’t know about you but, at times, those adverse or demanding circumstances seem to be a daily occurrence and the stress can be overwhelming.

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Crisis communications – how to develop an effective strategy

16 April 2019 in Events0

‘Crisis communications’ can put the fear of God into people- in reality, you don't require a degree in communications, but simply a degree of common sense.

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The Dos and Don’ts of making your audience laugh

15 March 2019 in Content Marketing0

We look at some of our Dos and Don’ts of using humour in marketing, and some great examples of brands that have done it well.

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International Women’s Day 2019 – #BalanceforBetter

8 March 2019 in NGI Solutions News0

International Women’s Day is an important day for inspiration and change - we spoke to our director Kathie Wilcox about what it means to her.

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Why responsible mental health communication is a key media issue

26 February 2019 in PR0

It’s easy to think that media portrayals are beyond our remit. But a basic understanding of responsible mental health reporting is paramount.

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The mental health campaign with toon fans at the heart

26 February 2019 in Marketing0

Today Newcastle United Foundation launched #BeaGameChanger. Encouraging their fans to take a proactive approach to looking after their mental health.

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NGI Solutions targets growth with new leadership team

17 February 2019 in NGI Solutions News0

Here at NGI Solutions we've appointed a new leadership duo and welcomed fresh faces to the team after several key contract wins.

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The Northern Voice panel

28 January 2019 in Research0

Our new in-house community research panel, Northern Voice gives clients the opportunity to seek opinion on their brands and products.

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