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At NGI Solutions, we use insight to inform marketing strategies, so we can pinpoint your target audience at multiple touch points in a meaningful way.


Through our experienced research team and our Northern Voice panel, we can conduct quantitative and qualitative research including one-to-one interviews, surveys, focus groups and more.

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Whether you are just starting up or are an established organisation with capacity in-house, we can help in your marketing efforts from a strategic level to implementation. From activations to hoarding to chatbots; our talented team has you covered.

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Third party endorsement from a credible news source is a trusted communication method - even in the 'fake news' era. Our expert team are incredibly talented writers and are very well connected with the media and relish a juicy project – the more unique the better.

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Content Marketing

From content creation to social media amplification, we can use the power of social media to help engage your audience and start real conversations. Whether you are looking for brand awareness, reach, or genuine leads, our expert team can help navigate this unique space with you.

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Not judging a book by its cover doesn’t apply to your digital presence. How you present your business to the world is crucial to its success – would you trust a website that looked below par? Having an easy to navigate, user-friendly website that reflects your values and aspirations is what we thrive on.

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Through intensive PR and social media training, we can help build confidence among key spokespeople to ensure you aren’t tripped up by tricky questions. We can offer bespoke training packages delivered here or at your premises, please contact us for more info.

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