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How can social media listening increase customer advocacy?

28 November 2019 in Marketing0

Join us as we look at the ways which you can increase customer advocacy on social media, discover new advocates through social media listening, and share three examples from brands who are showing us how social media advocacy is done.

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How to research your competitors’ Facebook and Instagram ads

8 July 2019 in Social Media0

When it comes to the making your mark in the world of paid social, it’s all about keeping your friends close, and your competitors closer. Discover how to research your competitors’ Facebook and Instagram ads.

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Crisis communications – how to develop an effective strategy

16 April 2019 in Events0

‘Crisis communications’ can put the fear of God into people- in reality, you don't require a degree in communications, but simply a degree of common sense.

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The Dos and Don’ts of making your audience laugh

15 March 2019 in Content Marketing0

We look at some of our Dos and Don’ts of using humour in marketing, and some great examples of brands that have done it well.

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