How to design evaluation into your Christmas campaign

4 November 2019 in Marketing0

Every Christmas, John Lewis tugs at the heart strings and gets the general public talking, but with so many other retailers jumping on the festive bandwagon, how can you cut through the noise?

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How to stand out in the crowded tourism industry

27 September 2019 in Research0

Today marks World Tourism Day. Having worked closely with tourism clients and being part of an organisation operating within the industry, we know all about the importance of tourism.

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How do you know if your event has been a success?

25 September 2019 in Research1

Whether you’re basing success on the economic or social impact, the jobs created, the gross value added or the return on investment, we use our Event Impact Model to provide invaluable evidence on the impact of any event.

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The Northern Voice panel

28 January 2019 in Research0

Our new in-house community research panel, Northern Voice gives clients the opportunity to seek opinion on their brands and products.

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