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11 December 2019 0

Our Associate Director, Ian Thomas, on all things research and marketing.

Ian Thomas, Associate Director

Ian is NGI Solutions’ Associate Director and research lead. Read on to hear about his favourite marketing campaigns, biggest influences and the next big thing in research.

Let’s test your creative copywriting skills – describe what you do at NGI Solutions in less than 6 words:

Support clients with actionable insight.

Name one marketing campaign that you can’t stop talking about:

I’ve always loved the work that the refreshed Old Spice campaign did, it was funny and engaging and brought back a brand that was practically dead. I also assume, with my research hat on, that they had done a lot of testing to think how to re-position it as it was so different.

Tell us about your proudest moment at NGI Solutions?

Wow, there’s been a few but I think it will be the fact that other destinations have come to NGI Solutions and asked us to help them develop strategically. It shows they trust us as an agency and respect what NGI has achieved so crosses both worlds.

A Q&A wouldn’t be complete without this one – who is your biggest inspiration and why?

Tough one but I think from a research perspective it would be Hans Rosling, he is an absolute genius in taking huge data sets and telling their story in a brilliantly engaging way. Not many people bring a washing machine on stage for their presentation. In life, my grandma, she effectively gave me the confidence to be who I am today.

In your opinion, what are the three most important attributes in your line of work – and do you feel you bring them all to the table? (be honest)

Patience, an eye for detail and the ability to turn data into insight. I would love to say yes 100% of the time but I’m 42 and turning into a grumpy old man so the patience isn’t always there…

Who’s the yin to your yang in the NGI Solutions office?

Am I allowed two? In the research world its definitely Vicki our research manager. She is the one who makes me look good, crafting amazing presentations and ensuring our project management processes are flawless.

But I would also say our Director, Kathie. I class us as words and numbers – with Kathie’s background in PR and comms she definitely brings the words while I am much more comfortable buried in spreadsheets.

What do you think will be the next big thing in research?

We are doing a lot of work with partners in the social listening field at the moment. Using big data gathered from forums, polls and social media to inform perceptions and sentiment towards destinations is really exciting for a lot of our clients.

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