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16 January 2020 2

Our account director Lucy Nichol on all things PR and communications - with a bit of Dracula and Sarah Millican thrown in.

Let’s test your creative copywriting skills – describe what you do at NGI Solutions in 6 words:

Tell stories that start meaningful conversations

Name one marketing campaign that you can’t stop talking about (not one of your own!):

I think the BBC do some really creative campaigns to promote some of their shows, Dracula being a great example. The billboard that revealed the shadow of Dracula at sundown when the ad lights up was genius. I also really enjoyed the social media work they did to promote Our Girl, sharing the lead character’s iPhone with us on Twitter.

The BBC’s social media campaign for Our Girl.

Tell us about your proudest moment at NGI Solutions?

Growing our health portfolio is something I’m really proud of. Having a strong background in mental health, I’ve been thrilled to secure new clients including Time to Change, Newcastle United Foundation and its #BeAGameChanger mental health campaign, St Andrew’s Healthcare and NHS Digital.

Newcastle United Foundation’s #BeAGameChanger campaign

A Q&A wouldn’t be complete without this one – who is your biggest inspiration and why?

It’s a collection of people who inspire me – and that’s the Standard Issue team! I had the absolute pleasure of writing regularly for Sarah Millican’s Standard Issue magazine, thanks initially to the brilliant Sam Wonfor, who also worked on the culture team at The Journal. Sam took a chance on me and accepted one of my pieces, and from then on I felt like part of the gang, a really fabulous group of women who taught me that vulnerability is a strength, that nobody is perfect and that you should have more faith in your own potential.

In your opinion, what are the three most important attributes in your line of work – and do you feel you bring them all to the table? (be honest)

Creativity, curiosity and strong communication skills. I do feel I bring them to the table – but with a caveat. I sometimes need bringing back down to earth as I can lose my sense of practicality at times. But that’s why working in a team featuring diverse personalities works. My colleagues are the ones who stop me making a fool of myself. Although I tend to do that quite a lot on my personal social media accounts anyway!

Who’s the yin to your yang in the NGI Solutions office?

Finlay – our media manager. While our roles share lots of crossover, Finlay always keeps his cool under pressure which is especially great for crisis comms. I can’t claim to be cool in any sense of the word.

What do you think will be the next big thing in PR?

Given the problems we’ve had with fake news and subjectivity, I’m starting to think we might end up going backwards in order to move forwards. The confusion around what is a journalist’s opinion (e.g. on Twitter) vs what is a factual story (i.e. on the outlet’s website) has been an interesting one to watch. And with influencers being caught out for promoting brands or products without clearly stating that they were being paid to do so has caused problems in terms of trust and authenticity. However, in order for us to up the amount of quality journalism, we either need to buy more newspapers, subscribe to paywalls or see much better options for online advertising that don’t slow down the reader’s online experience.

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