How should PR and SEO work together?

11 June 2019 1

Join us as we paint a picture of just how significant traditional PR practices are for your SEO strategy. And discuss how PR and SEO agencies should be working together, not in silos.

In an era where expertise, authority and trustworthiness are fundamental factors within SEO, traditional PR has never been more influential in improving your business’ online visibility.

So how should PR and SEO work together? Despite the search arena shifting to a more customer centric, user driven experience, the three pillars of SEO have remained the same –

  1. Technical.
  2. Onsite (your content).
  3. Offsite (your link profile).

It is the latter where PR can really add value to an outreach campaign. Similarly, if you’re a business which invests heavily in PR with the aim of driving brand awareness through media coverage, but SEO isn’t currently on your agenda, it’s time to start factoring in objectives which involve securing links and ensuring that improvements to your online visibility are ‘must haves’ within your measurement plan.

How has SEO outreach changed over the years to make traditional PR practices more significant?

Link building over the years has become a more ethical practice with a focus on quality over quantity. Gone are the days of buying links and arranging endless guest blogs – quick wins in the world of link building were wiped out during the Google Penguin update. With this, online PR is becoming more and more challenging with the need to think like a PR professional.

Links from high traffic, authoritative domains (the kind of links that really make a difference) don’t magically come to you no matter how outstanding your content is. You need the skills and connections of a traditional PR consultant to secure coverage (and ultimately links) on websites of greatest relevancy to you and your customer. A PR pro with a traditional background will have spent years building up relationships with key contacts at the biggest and best publications. They will know exactly how to best approach these journalists. So, whether you’re wanting to amplify an amazing piece of content or wish for your business’ opinions to be heard by taking a news-jacking approach, the relationship centric strategy used by traditional PRs is how you’ll get noticed.

How PR professionals can help you build expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness online

In order to shift SEO consultants’ thinking from chasing an algorithm, to instead satisfying user needs, Google implemented the Expertise-Authoritativeness- Trustworthiness (EAT) paradigm during their core update which is used to access the usefulness and accuracy of every page it crawls. This ensures that the pages with the highest quality and most relevant content are served first. Through years of developing profile raising and reputation management campaigns, this is something PRs can certainly teach you a thing or two about. Here’s how…




5 key takeaways for how PR and SEO agencies should work together

  1. Be aligned on the same business objectives.
  2. Put the customer first.
  3. Optimise links through PR coverage.
  4. Ensure that knowledge sharing is always on the agenda.
  5. Combine your results for maximum measurement.

To find out more about how an all-encompassing PR campaign can help improve your online visibility, then drop us a line via our contact us page. We’d also love to hear your experiences or tips and tricks on integrating PR and SEO. Why not Tweet us @ngisolutions.

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