St Andrew’s Healthcare – Complex mental health problems and stigma

St Andrew’s Healthcare works with people with severe and enduring complex mental health problems through in-patient hospital care.

The organisation wished to conduct research into perceptions of complex mental health problems, such as schizophrenia and personality disorders, as well as perceptions of modern day psychiatric hospitals.

The aim of this research is to tackle the kind of mental health stigma that their patients are likely to face, and to portray psychiatric hospitals in a more realistic light, to show that there is a high quality of support available.

The online survey was conducted via online consumer panel, Panelbase, between 29/11/19 – 02/12/19. A total of 1,002 respondents completed a 5-minute questionnaire, with the results weighted to an overall sample size of 1,000. Quotas were applied to age, gender, socio-economic grade and location, ensuring a nationally representative sample.

Read the full online report here

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