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Hello, we are NGI Solutions, an insight-led research, marketing, and PR agency based in the North East of England.

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Smart marketing comes in all ways, shapes, and forms, and we love exploring what works for individual client needs... whether you are looking for world domination or at a niche marketplace, we can help.

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Latest Stories

How to design evaluation into your Christmas campaign

4 November 2019 0

Every Christmas, John Lewis tugs at the heart strings and gets the general public talking, but with so many other retailers jumping on the festive bandwagon, how can you cut through the noise?

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Addiction stigma rife as 1 in 3 people believe addicts ‘brought it on themselves’

9 October 2019 0

As World Mental Health Day 2019 takes place, a new survey has revealed the extent of addiction stigma in 2019 – the year that saw record numbers of drugs deaths across the UK¹. The research, carried out by NGI Solutions, in partnership with, found that public opinion varied greatly depending on the type of […]

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How to stand out in the crowded tourism industry

27 September 2019 0

Today marks World Tourism Day. Having worked closely with tourism clients and being part of an organisation operating within the industry, we know all about the importance of tourism.

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How do you know if your event has been a success?

25 September 2019 1

Whether you’re basing success on the economic or social impact, the jobs created, the gross value added or the return on investment, we use our Event Impact Model to provide invaluable evidence on the impact of any event.

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